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October 22, 2006

Torchwood - S1E02 - Day One

The second episode of Torchwood has a meteorite, an alien, lots of sex and some women snogging. Ah, that'll be more of sexy, urban stuff then.

More details and SPOILERS...

So Gwen becomes a member of Torchwood, just like that. It's very funny how she's talking (vaguely) about her new job, sees a meteorite and then gets a text message to tell her to get to work. Made me laugh.

The crash site of the meteor seemed workmanlike, you could see Gwen what she had got into. I like the line (something like) "my name is Gwen, don't call me freckles". A Lost reference I presume. (To match the "It's not bloody CSI" quote in episode one). But then Gwen's mistake lets the alien loose, which was nice.

The alien possesses a girl, of course, but then tries to have sex. Well, actually succeeds in having sex with a man. The sex scene made me laugh out loud, he has an orgasm and then explodes! I can't remember what Jack's line was, but that made me laugh too.

Then the episode becomes a standard chase and capture type of plot. Although the sex keeps it amusing, especially Gwen snogging the girl and then Owen ending up cuffed and naked in the cell.

The most interesting parts of this episode for me were how the Torchwood crew know nothing about Jack. We know more than them. Not sure if that works, the viewer has no enigma left to work out. That means the plots are going to have to be good, or the characters are going to have to make us want more.

Overall though I liked the episode. I'm ready for more.

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The first 2 episodes of this "adult" show required more suspension of disbelief than "Doctor Who", which was made for children. Some features which I couldn't believe in: (a) An organisation as powerful as Torchwood would not be operating on a shoestring; (b) Torchwood's security was virtually non-existent; (c) They would need several memory adjustment squads from "Harry Potter"'s Ministry of Magic to cover up the effects of events in the first 2 episodes and prevent a public panic.

Making Jack Harkness unkillable reduces the tension in the plots and focusses all attention on the dangers to other members of the team, particularly Gwen - I'm sure this was not the creators' intention. I can only hope future episodes have some equivalent of kryptonite.

Minor annoyances: repetitious use of over-dramatic music and cuts; too many static shots of Harkness looking "dramatic"; Harkness' Gestapo-style trenchcoat, which would simply have got in the way; Owen Harper is a trouble-maker who would never be employed by such a powerful organisation.

Best point: dialogue.