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October 26, 2006

Norwegian SF blog

Just found a cool SF blog, sf.kjempekjekt.com . My knowledge of Scandinavian languages isn't that hot but I think it's Norwegian, and it looks good.

Any other non-English SF blogs I should know about? (Probably!)


Hi there. Thanks for telling people about my blog. I'm checking your RSS feed every day, and when I read your review of Children of Men I just had to tell everybody in Norway about it (yes, you where right about the language).

By the way, "kjempekjekt" translate to something like "great fun". I'm writing in Norwegian just because it's easier for me, but really I think it would've been great if we all spoke the same language. Maybe I'll convert someday, or at least start to write in english on my blog..

If my spelling and grammar gets good enough :| Come to think of it, I really need the practise.

Maybe if Google supported a few more languages in it's Translate app?!

I'd keep writing in Norwegian if I was you. It annoys me how everyone in the UK and US assumes that everything in the web is in English.