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September 20, 2006

Why does no one get the Star Wars prequel trilogy?

Cinematical has a post,Mark Beall's Geek Beat: Star Wars Musings, talking about the Star Wars prequel trilogy, how he doesn't care as much about it, how they could have been better, and generally having a moan.

I'm so sick of this. No one seems to understand. Let me spell it out (hopefully for the last time).

When you saw the original Star Wars films you were a child. Children love the new Star Wars films. Your expectations of the prequel films are not that of a child.

Get over it.


Thank you for this! Well said!

If you don't mind, i'm going to repost what i posted on the Geek Beat blog:
"There's an old fannish quote that goes something like: "The golden age of science fiction is when you were 10." For instance, i looked at Star Wars through a kid's eyes and went "WOW" when the Imperial ship took FOREVER to pass through the opening shot of A New Hope, and fell in love with Star Wars. I have a son who went "WOW" during the pod race in Episode 1, and fell in love with Star Wars."