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July 19, 2006

John Barrowman talks Torchwood and Doctor Who 2007

Via Outpost Gallifrey, John Barrowman's site has a transcript of his sessions from the London Film and Comic Con. He talks about Torchwood a little and confirms that he will be appearing in the 2007 series of Doctor Who.

He also answers the question "Would you rather implode or explode? "


i think john barrowman is a wicked actor and is sexy

i think john barrowman is a wicked actor and is sexy

i think john barrowman is rely sexy and i cant wait 2 see him wen hes at oxford street xxx

well now that the Doctor has defeated both the daleks and the
cybermen together and sealed up the void, I enjoyed the episode immensley i do
have some questions to ask, firstly the Doctor talks of the time war
with the daleks and it all started with that first ever trip to skaro
with ian and barbara and susan, but in the war itself it his appearance
would have been as Paul McGanns incarnation as I have the book on the
time war and the fighting which took place, and the book afterwards but
not all the time lords were present on galifery the Rani for one she
would of been hiding somewhere and the monk surely he wouldnt of wandered
back and then theres the doctor's grand daughter susan shes a timelord
as well where is she, and does she know that the doctor is responisble
for the destruction of their home planet when he was faced with that
difficult choice of letting the daleks conquering his home planet or
destroying it forever, and does the doctor ever run into susan again
I was hoping he might after saving earth from the daleks, the last
time he ran into her was during a brief encounter with the master and she
ran of with his tardis, Ive had these questions brewing for awhile now
and what would the doctor tell his grand daughter what happened in
the timewar,
I hope that David tennant can stay for a few years as the Doctor I am
enjoying him alot, he has that youthflness and flair and isnt afraid to
face danger head on, well its been awhile after the Daleks and the
cybermen were hurled back into the void, the real earth must be facing the
effects from such an invasion with all the people who died, and surely
UNIT was aware of what was happening hoping to reach the Doctor, and
sarah Jane smith did she survive the war, will there be an epsiode where
earth is still getting over the effects of this major disaster done by
the daleks and the cyberman and how will the doctor help out
secondly Rose is gone back into the parallel earth i was wandering
this latest fight with the daleks and the cybermen has it taken its toll
on the doctor and how would he handle it, or does he just go on life as
usual last of the timelords,
I'm really emjoying David tennant as the doctor and hope that he
continues for a few more years yet, he fills the role of the doctor
superbly and looking forward to another season of doctor who these thoughts
Ive had brewing for awhile now and just thought id ask to get peoples
oppinions and yours but more whether they have made an episode where earth
is having a hard time getting over this latest invasion,
looking forward to another season

I met john recently at border books,on 28th april in London,my daughter who is 13,loves cpt jack,so when she was talking tio him intensly,i stood waiting nervously,when i got the chance to speak,i froze on the spot!Mind you,that`ll teach me for offering to kiss him on the cheek!But he has a wonderful sense of humour,and is a warm hearted guy,he`s just brill!