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July 5, 2006

Doctor Who 2007 season news

I've given up trying to not mention the spoiler about how Doctor Who ends this series. I bet everyone knows by now. So... here Doctor Who's next assistant named. It's Freema Agyeman, who will be playing Martha Jones. Didn't The Sun actually get this right? (Shock!)


Crap I'm so behind and the new flat is TV free. I hope there's some good torrents out there.

Better be quick!!

there is also some talk about rose coming back... after all, they couldnt leave it with such a sad ending, could they?

Not sure about that. I'm sure Billie Piper is off to try bigger things (she's had great critical reviews in the UK)

i think they should bring back the slitheen and the master from the old series. and i hope captain jack comes back in the new sereis

I think that the Dalek Emperor should be in the next series, after all, the Black Dalek teleported out or something on the last episode when his mates were getting sucked into the void. Maybe he went to find the Emperor...

I think that the Dalek Emperor should be in the next series, after all, the Black Dalek teleported out or something on the last episode when his mates were getting sucked into the void. Maybe he went to find the Emperor...

jack is back. Death to rose bring back the 9th doctor. Tennant is crap. Bring back the master definately but not the slithen or the Rani. Could do cybermen(mondas) V Daleks V Master

Bring back some old doctors and bring back k-9

More K9? Was one episode not enough? There's rumours that he'll be in the first episode of Sarah Jane Investigates.

there is rumors that the time lords are back in this series having survived the time war and have began exsperimenting on a undeveloped civillasation and the doctor being the doctor saves the people but at what price.....(if any1 would like more info plz do not hesistate 2 email me)

What cho talkin' bout?????
David Tennant rox the cosmos!!
He is one of the BEST doctor whos' ever.
I can't wait for the next season, so I'm hanging on by reading the books...

jack is definately coming back and i think they shoiuld bring back rose. hopefully. and im liking torchwood.

who is the next doctor n wat will happen when his lifes are up

i looked deep in the internet and it said that the 1st episode of the next series is aired on the 1st april 2007. i cant believe we have to wait that long!!

i cant wait to hear what the face of boe has to say!!remember in new earth he said he will tell the doctor the BIG secret next time they meet?

daleks are coming back in the 4th and 5th episode in new york!

if you want more information you can email me at ejburford@hotmail.com

Yeah, the Daleks in New York sounds exciting, but April is so far away!

apparently davros (the dalek emporer returns as well!

news that captain jack is coming back in the 1th 12th and 13th episode

rose not cumin bak shes workin on anothe r project captin jack is bak sumtime and WEN DOES IT START ne1 no?

do idea...go on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doctor_Who_serials#Series_3_.282007.29 4 kl info

Captain Jack harkness will be on series 3 because on the final episode of Torchwood, jack is picked up by the DR ^_^

yeh and he snogged tht man ^_^

I think the Face of Boe will reveal something about the Time Lords :D

Honestly I believe we have gone way beyond the Master in respect to the new series and all the Doctors new more devistating foes/monsters etc.

Yes, the Doctor picked up Jack in the final episode of Torchwood, so it's getting really interesting..I hope they continue to intersect these two shows as well as even the new Sarah Jane series..it was ok, I guess.

As for Rose..I miss her and would like to see her fulfill a bit more of her role as maybe when she gave life to Jack er something, but I doubt she will come back any time soon.

That chapter of Doc Who is pretty well closed I think.

cant wait till april 4 the new series. if u want any news text me at 07704173139 or email at ejburford@hotmail.com

rose is back because in the next episode clip i caught a glance of her in the crowd running from the great exterminaters

that wasnt her coz shes never comin back. she said that in a interview

Anyone care to tell when the new season starts? I haven't been able to find the info anywhere. Would be most grateful for anything anyone can tell me.

At a guess, around Easter, which was when the last season started.

starts on april 1st apparently


yeh apparently the rani might be back (MAYBE!!) and they said the finale might say that the doctor has a son and when his regenerations r up his son will take over the tardis!!??!!??!!so ur right andy (maybe)

alluc.org will have dr who

in the 2007 series, the black dalek is back, the face of boe is back, and the doctor returns to new earth.

yeh we all know that. if u want more information (i got loads) email me at ejburford@hotmail.com. yeh alluc.org hav got loads of stuff

send me everthing to do with the the tneth doctor
and the new season

david teenant is the best in doctor who david teenant you rock!!! and your really funny in doctor who you make me giggle!!! you where shouting at the serocrax i dont know if i spelled his name wrong the serocrax was saying i damand to know who you are and you where saying i dont know!!!! that was in the chrismas ivasion that was really funny!!! thanks david teenant you made me smile.

caz give me your email address and i'll send u some stuff same with you other guys dont go over the top 66spannet

im not aloud too send me email address because my family said im not aloud too send it

i cant believe that the black dalek is back, every time i hear or see the daleks i get chills. can someone tell me whats gonna happen in the new series, I NEED INFO

the black dalek teleported to somewhere but the darleks or the cybermen ceep coming back because of the doctors tardis when he travels through time an alien pops up everytime

chazy if u wont answers tell me wot u need by emailing me at ejburford@hotmail.com
ps. daleks in new york 1930s

can someone justsay something its getting REALLY boring now

Keep David Tennant, i didn't like him to begin with but now after see'ing the whole of new season 2 i think he is great and bring Rose back pleasseee

na rose got a bit boring but by the looks of freema agyeman (Martha Jones) she is great!!www.freemaagyeman.com its great!!

Hey does anyone know when the doc return. Oh yeah n i don't mean to sound rude but as for those who seem to diss tennant as the doc, i think u's r wrong as i used to hate the series but when tennant came to be the doctor i watched as he brings attitude to the show! Anyways they have to have a twist to the story. I just think we have to watch to find out.

tennant rox!!!!! best doctor ever. 2nd is probably tom baker. airing date unconfirmed either 24th march 31st march (doubtful) or 7th april

David Tennant is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
cool - he the best doc there's eva bin! Anyone know whn the new series starts - COULD NEVER MISS IT! My best friend LOVES 9th doc and thinks he's cute - whoa steady on - 10th's def best. (Oh get the CD read by DT cos' there great!)