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June 26, 2006

Lou Anders asks US readers to buy US versions of UK authors books

Interesting, Lou Anders of Pyr, is urging the US SF book buying community to buy the US editions of SF novels written by UK authors, rather than buying the UK editions through Amazon. Because then the US sales get attributed correctly and the authors have more chance of getting a better US deal etc.

So why not do simultaneous releases? Why is there the lag? (Never understood that for films either).


Because sometimes the UK publishers ask for it, for fear that the reverse will happen. We're working on bringing more UK talent out here closer to its overseas release date though.

Just from your author list Lou I reckon you're doing a great job.

(It's fortunate for us in the UK that there's so many great UK authors at the moment!)

Don't you get frustrated though when the (often paranoid) business of publishing gets in the way or getting books to readers? Or do you just accept it and work with it as best you can?

Uh, thanks, yes and yes.

Now stop following me.