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June 29, 2006

Historically Significant SF Film trailers

John at SFSignal has done a great job of filtering The University of Houston's Trailers of Historically Significant Films into a list of SF, Fantasy and Horror trailers of Historically Significant Films. Nice one John. Some great stuff there.

Of course I checked out the Barbarella trailer, which I urge you to do. Over the famouse striptease the voiceover says (in best cheesey late 60's style)...

"Here name is Barbarella and she makes Science Fiction, something else."

...err, yes, you're right there.


I love Barberella but it also turns my stomach ever so slightly. That's Dino De Laurentis for you, that man had a knack for piling on the cheese.

You're welcome, James. That's why I'm here. Apparently. :)

I find it interesting that the half the list comes from a 34-year period, and the other half from a 40-year period. I guess there's less significant stuff these. Or probably, stuff has already been done before. Also, the term "historically significant" is somewhat vague and subjective, isn't it.

I think it's probably that you can only tell what's historically significant after some time has passed. I've no doubt that there are some SF films that will acrue significance over years.... What about The Matrix, LOTR and so on?