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June 4, 2006

Doctor Who - The Impossible Planet

Once again the Doctor and Rose arrive somewhere new with high spirits and frequent jokes, this time in the far reaches of the galaxy, but things soon start to turn bad. A nice episode, with good FX and a deep space, eery feel and of course a big cliffhanger for part 2.

Spoilers Ahead...

Once again the jokey arrival. It would be tiresome if I didn't have the feeling that it was for a purpose. I think a point is being made, and the end of the series will be the payback. They arrive in a deep space base, all Alien(s) in it's design, grungy and lived in. Then it turns out that they are hovering next to a black hole. Nice black hole cgi. On Confidential they talked about how they had to use dramatic licence on the black hole, because otherwise it was to black!

The TARDIS gets put out of action for the second time this series, which meant a nice conversation between Rose and the Doctor about settling down. Rose clearly thought that being stuck with the Doctor was no and thing, the Doctor was not so sure. I liked this exchange.

The crew of the space base got quite a bit of airtime and they were all pretty good. Then all the hints at the beast rising from the pit I liked, can't beat a bit of Satan as your monster. Other great FX included the writing covering the skin and also the pit (which was apparently filmed in a quarry in the best tradition of Doctor Who).

Quite a creepy setup, with no easy way out for the cliffhanger. Hopefully the situation isn't just dodged in the second part.

Stuff is online at the BBC site.


You say no easy way out, but remember the Empty Child where he sent the 'Zombies' "Back to their beds" What a Cop Out.

I can't see how they could beat Satan, but it's certainly going to be interesting.

Great Blog BTW, really enjoy reading.

I agree that was the worst cliffhanger resolution of last series. It was like the old black and white serial escapes!

Thanks for the compliment.

The new Doctor continues to impress. I really like the tack they've taken with Tennant, he may just be the best of the lot and that's saying something.

I think Eccleston did the ominous Doctor better than Tennant, and he had that loss thing going for him as well. However I'm convinced that RT Davies is going to pull something nasty by the end of the series to put the Doctor under some stress.

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