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April 20, 2006

John Joseph Adams reviews Doctor Who

Via SFSignal, John Joseph Adams reviews Doctor Who, the first three episodes of the new incarnation (not sure how to describe the seasons, is that season 1? Or season 27?).

Anyway, JJA hates it. He's never seen Doctor Who before. He's clearly wrong. (As is anyone else who doesn't like it, no room for discussion).

I think that many viewers in the US have misaligned expectations. It's family entertainment, aimed at kids and their dads (although apparently women are now watching with David Tennant as the Doctor). And it's wonderful.

Better can that Doctor Who pastiche story I was going to send to F&SF then ;-)


Excellent observation about kids and their dads. My daughter and I have started watching it together and the show has taken on a whole new meaning for us. She's already asked me three times when the next episode comes on!

JJA never saw Doctor Who before? What kind of science fiction nerd does he claim to be? I watched religiously from the moment it showed up in the States back in the early 1980s and have seen every incarnation of the Doctor (well, minus Peter Cushing's take on him in the movies), and I *adore* this new series. Doctor Who with a budget--who would have thought that would work? When I saw Sylvester McCoy at a convention last fall, I asked if he was jealous that he never got that budget in his day, and his answer was an unabashed "yes." I imagine most of the surviving Doctors must feel the same way. And beyond the budget, the scripts are just so lovingly written. I think it was smart of them to make their stories only one or two episodes long. I'm sure it removes a lot of the impulse to write filler.

[insert paragraph break here, stupid blog!]

Anyhow, I shall no longer take any of JJA's rejections personally, as he's clearly a man with no taste. ;)

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