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February 13, 2006

TV roundup

So here's what I think about the current SF television shows...

Invasion : I stopped watching it because it was boring. Nothing was happening and everything that did happen was predictable.

Smallville : Watching it on and off if I have nothing better to do. Entertaining distraction.

Hyperdrive : Unfortunately not funny. If you want new funny then see the brilliant non SF show The IT Crowd.

Johnny and the Bomb : Only three episodes, but brilliant kids tv. Funny, intelligent time travel shennanigans.

Life on Mars : Turned into a 70's cop show as expected, with the TV occaisonally talking to the hero. Because he's in a coma.

Surface : I'm enjoying Surface a lot. Very Spielberg, entertaining plot and characters I care about.

Battlestar Galatcica : Still good, but not blowing me away at the moment. Somehow I just feel that it could be better. Are they saving stuff for season three?

Lost : Bonkers and brilliant. Even episodes with no plot advancement are great because they reveal interesting stuff about the characters. Great writing, great acting, great stories. My favourite TV at the moment.


Don't get to comfortable with Surface. They stopped the season early and I'm not holding my breath for a second season.

Yeah, I read that (on your blog I think!). Seems a shame, I like it.

That means none of this years batch of new shows seems to have survived (except maybe Supernatural?).

And next years trend wil be....?!