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February 28, 2006

Pancake SF

Seeing as it's Pancake Day I thought I'd look for Pancake related Science Fiction.

I've found that David Lee Pancake has won two Chesley Awards (1994, 1995) and that the Fortean Bureau has an artlce about Breece D'J Pancake called Please Kill Me: I Like Pancakes, So Might You. There's an article on restaurant.org about robotic cooks "The one-armed yellow robot carefully dispenses pancake batter onto a grid" and Science Fiction Weekly has an interview with the Rock about the film Doom where he says, "Everyone likes pancakes. That's what Doom is. Pancakes."


For the record I had an ice cream, chocolate button and golden syrup pancake.


Pancakes & Science Fiction, Hmmm. Well, there are a few fans by the name Pancake, I"m the Pancake with the Chesley Awards. I also know that Regina Pancake will be attending the Mid South Con this March as Media Guest of honor.

I'm sure you're sick of Pancake jokes :-)

Still haven't found a story with a pancake as a major part of the plot. Perhaps I'll have to write one.