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February 1, 2006

Big Month

January 2006 was the first month that I exceeded my 1GB bandwidth allowance since BDO started up (and by 25% as well!). This was mainly due to being first on a google search for a certain TV show combined with a certain UK TV station. (I'm not going to spell it out, I don't want more traffic). Over a couple of days I got few thousand hits and getting on for 200Mb. Still I surprised at how much bandwidth is being used.

So consequently I've taken some bandwidth cutting measures. Firstly search of the site is now done by Google, which lets face it is better than the MT search anyway. Secondly my image is now coming via Flickr, which doesn't seem to be too slow. Thirdly my short stint with Media Manager on the sidebar was terminated in favour of All Consuming's new funky sidebar which can show things filtered on tags, the only downside is that it doesn't seem to show images for some things at the moment. As usual, my rss/atom feed is coming via Feedburner.

I really still need to make my css smaller, perhaps there's some website out there that can compress it to unreadable levels? And maybe take a look at the amount of html in the pages. And maybe even reduce the number of entries on the front page.

So overall, I think the changes are for the better or in worse case make no difference.

Any opinions?


As a matter of fact that are several CSS compressors out there depending
on how far you want to go.
This one simply removes white space and comments. That alone will cut
your current CSS from 17.9kb to 12.02kb.

If you need to go beyond that there are some that find ways to combine
your CSS styles for maximum efficiency.

There are also clever scrips that allow you to GZIP your CSS file and
still read it, but I doubt that's worth the effort.

Thanks for that, I'll give it a go.

My old CSS was crafted from scratch but after upgrading to MT 3.2 I decided to use the standard template css and just tweak it. I think I need to actually do some work and start from scratch again :-)