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February 26, 2006

Battlestar Galactica 218 - Downloaded

The fabled Cylon point of view episode. Cylons, lots of Cylons. Oh yes.


There had been a lot of hype about this episode, and I'm pleased to say it lived up to it. Following "Caprica 6" and "Sharon" as they were reborn on Caprica was an amazing idea.

There were so many great things about this episode:

  • Lucy Lawless's Number 3. We thought Number 6 was mean, she's nothing on 3 who is nasty nasty (if you're human anyway). Lawless was superb in the episode.

  • Baltar haunting "Caprica Six" in a reciprocal version of Six haunting Baltar. Superb. Baltar and Six together like this were amazing, shedding new light on the cylon's.

  • The resistance figuring out that the cylon's were just reborn after death but doing it anyway, to try and annoy them!

  • The rebirth scenes, showing that being reborn is no trivial matter.

  • The rebuilding of Caprica to make it nice for the human style Cylons, and using the toasters as grunt labour to put up trees and do building work.

  • The multiple's of cylons all in one scene. Nice FX work.

  • The cylon's recognising individuals, the "Heroes of the Cylon", despite them having the same bodies. And then Number 3 taking a disliking to the individuality.

  • Caprica Six and Sharon deciding to rebel (although how we don't know).

Amidst all this the human/cylon baby being born and hidden seemed like a mere distraction. The hidden baby is obviously setting up a long term plot though, you can bet we'll hear more of it.

I loved this episode because of the cylons, because it wasn't just a human drama transported to a spaceship (which I'm tiring of), because it seemed to advance the major plot arc of the cylon/human relationship and because, probably most of all, it was more Science Fiction than recent episodes.



Cylons not Cylon's.

In English, you don't use apostrophes for plurals.

Oh yeah, I agree with everything you said about the episode. The great thing about the series is they illustrate very clearly that wars are complicated. There are always way more than 2 sides and those involved always forget that.

Thanks for noticing my typos, notice that I'm not even consistent ;-) Sometimes my fingers type different things to what my brain tells them to.