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February 17, 2006

Hyperdrive gets second series

Hyperdrive finished its first season on Wednesday and I was expecting that to be that. I didn't find it particularily funny, there were too many characters, the execution of the jokes weren't that good it seemed a bit of a one joke show and well, it just didn't make me laugh. However someone thinks differently because it has just been given as second series. !

I do love the BBC, they're giving it a chance. Because they can.


I must disagree. I loved the show. It was patchy but each episode had, for me, some laugh out loud moments.

I'm not sure I laughed at all :-(
(Unlike The IT Crowd which had me laughing non-stop).

I'm sure that some of the jokes could have been funnier in different circumstances, I bet if Simon Pegg had delivered a few of them might have laughed.