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January 10, 2006

The answers to Lost

For anyone waiting for answers to Lost, you might be disappointed. from Zap2it series co-creator Damon Lindelof says...

"If you're watching the show because you're waiting for the big answers to come, you have to understand that by the nature of what it is -- it's not a movie, it's not a series of movies, it's not a trilogy, it's not a miniseries -- it's going to be on the air for as long as ABC wants to keep it on the air."

"How can you ever possibly think that 'Lost' will end in a satisfying way? Carlton [executive producer Carlton Cuse] and I can almost guarantee you that it will not."


Hence the problem with network television: they don't know when to quit.

Yep. They couldn't even do Babylon 5 right when JMS said there was only 5 seasons.


So, please tell us again why we should keep watching LOST, now that you've spoiled all the excitement for us.

No, I mean it. What's the point of watching, when the producers and writers ADMIT there's no point, no satisfying conclusion?

Would you sit through a 2-hour movie if the producer/writer/director had said: "Oh, we never came up with a real ending, so we'll just keep running the movie until the viewers realize they've been had."

Well, THIS prize sucker just realized it.