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December 22, 2005

Channel 4's Invasion site is live

Channel 4's web site for the ABC Science Fiction show, Invasion, is live here and includes details about the show, including the scheduled time of the first episode, 8th Jan at 8.30pm

Invasion is one of the wave of new Science Fiction programmes commissioned last year in the US based on the back of the success of Lost.

Read my first thoughts on the show


the show is soooooooo brilliant i was hooked forthe entirety of the episodes and i cant wait to see any future episodes

WOW! watched the first episode of INVASION will this series eventually come out on DVD?

You can bet on it seeing as that is how shows seem to make most of their money these days.

Usually the DVD is out in the US months before the UK and it's twice the price in the UK. But everyone has multi-region DVD players! :-)