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November 28, 2005


This is a bit of a journey. First of all, via Cinematical, there's news of a new film called Ultraviolet. This got me excited because I remember the very good Channel 4 tv series Ultraviolet, which in production values kind of reminds me of Spooks. The TV series was a vampire film, where the vampires were mutated humans or something. What was great about it was that it was all taken very seriously and executed very stylishly. Hence my excitement at a film prospect.

This is where the journey goes, wrong the new film stars Milla Jovovich and a still from it shows someone with two sub machine guns that have big sword blades as handles. Oh dear. The film is only related by name them. Shame. This was an ideal opportunity to do a serious vampire movie.

You can get Ultraviolet the TV series on DVD from Amazon. Hmmm tempting.


I remember the C4 series. I loved Ultraviolet. I even went to the trouble of recording the entire mini-series on VHS when the SciFi Channel got around to showing it.

I'm always a little suspicious about Vampire series and films because they're such cliched monsters. Ultraviolet really put a new spin on them though.

What I remember the most was how it was serious, no flippant jokes ala Buffy or Blade. Oh and there was some big conspiracy or cover up as well (I'm a sucker for that!)

I've recently bought the Ultraviolet series. Am half way through now, wishing there was more.