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November 10, 2005

New SpiderMan villain revealed

Funnily enough I was only discussing spiderman villains on Tuesday and here you go... Joe@Forbidden Planet has the news that the villain for the next film is Sandman.

Hmmm. Somehow a man turning into sand doesn't strike me with fear. What happens when you spray water on him?


James, you obviously need some extra tuition on Sandman courtesy of Billy who has asked me to remind you of how to defeat him. Water is no enemy of Sandman, in fact he joins up with Hydro-man to become a giant mud monster that proves difficult for Spiderman to overcome. The real way to get rid of Sandman is to hoover him up in an industrial vacuum cleaner - this is how Spidey did it.

But surely then he is just the Sandman inside a vacuum cleaner and can get out again?!

If you drop him in the sea surely that will sort him out?