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November 7, 2005


SciFi Ranter Girl has dumped me from her blogroll

"This site has news that I can get anywhere else. It's not really personal. Has the site design changed? I feel bad dumping this one but..."


Well let me respond. even though you'll never read this.

Yes the site design changed, mainly because I upgraded to Movable Type 3.2 and just tweaked the standard templates (I'd severely hacked the old ones and it made the upgrade a bit painful).

I have news that you can "get anywhere else". Probably. But let's face it, the only unique news comes from press releases or gossip. And the gossip is mainly from Variety (rebroadcast by SciFi.com) and occaisionally the tabloids. Sorry, I don't have the time to stalk UK SF personalities for interviews (although if anyone wants to be interviewed I will.)

It's not personal. Hmmm. Well I like to think that I at least give my opinions, but no I don't reveal personal details. Is that what you meant? Perhaps I should start making stuff up?!

...today I was in London and bumped into David Tennant, he was very polite but then preceeded to tell me how Billie Piper smelt so nice that he couldn't concentrate on acting...



We still like you, James!

Of course, we'd like you even more for a small fee. :)

Or, how about that Conservation of Suck thesis you promised us way back when? :)

I think its fair to say that almost all Science Fiction blogs are presenting news that is available elsewhere.

Any news items I post which haven't been sourced from Aint It Cook, SciFi Wire etc. tend to be relatively obscure things that were emailed to me as a press release.


I'm still working on the Conservation Of Cool thesis, a PhD takes 3 years you know!

Eoghann, I agree, I read blogs for personal style and opinion as much as some news story that I may have missed.

I believe when she says it's not personal, she means it's nothing against you personally.. not that it contains no personal information.

I also think that it doesn't matter if a blog kind of scifi site has non unique content, as long as the blogger's thoughts are portrayed. Which is what you do down to a tee.

Just wanted to clarify, I wasn't saying you always have non unique content!!

LOL, calling me unimaginative! Talking to me? Talking to me? etc etc.

And yeah, now you mention it she probably does mean that it wasn't personal. Although I think she was drunk most of that day so it could probably mean anything.