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November 15, 2005

AOL and WB, TV on demand

Here is the press release announcing AOL and Warner Brothers venture into on demand television, on the web, that everyone is talking about.

Initially it sounds good, but I'm wary of anything that AOL are involved with. For example

These series will be offered in a new DVD quality video format called "AOL Hi-Q."

Hmm. Why not just use XVID or MP4? Suspicious. DRM ahoy? It also comes with adverts to pay for it.

Out of the list of shows however there are some I'd like to see:

Babylon 5 (because my VHS copies are a bit old now)
Kung Fu
La Femme Nikita
The New Adventures of Batman
Wonder Woman

So some interesting shows, we'll have to watch how the reality pans out I guess.

1 Comment

"Babylon 5 (because my VHS copies are a bit old now)"

No because Babylon 5 is best the sf series ever first stop.
Wouldn't hold your breath though I doubt that WB will cannablise their dvd sales...

Never fear Auntie has something up her matronly sleeve (you can forget about Dr Who though)