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September 1, 2005

Not just for Geeks

USA Vanguard - Science Fiction: It isn't just for geeks anymore

It would appear, in fact, that being a science fiction enthusiast has become almost respectable these days, and self-professed sci-fi devotees aren't the only ones paying close attention.

...that's nice. However the article does have a reasonably sensible conclusion.

So what happens next? It's difficult to guess. [snip...] rather than guessing what's going to come next, maybe it's better to just enjoy what we have and hope for the best.


I can pretty much guarantee what comes next. The media will get bored with the fad and we'll go back to being freaks again.

I guess it's nice that science fiction is getting a little more press attention right now, but it won't really change anything.

It would be nice if at least SF literature got an influx of new fans that might not have otherwise taken notice. I always think of literature as the bedrock to SF fandom, the foundation as it were, with TV and movies coming and going above it in waves of construction and deconstruction (in Time Machine fast-forward special effects style).

But you're probably right, freakdom is beckoning :-)