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September 15, 2005

Battlestar Galactica 208 : Final Cut

A fleet reporter, D'Anna Biers, is granted permission to shoot a documentary onboard the Battlestar Galactica with unrestricted access.

Quick Verdict : Back to it's best.

Spoilers ahead...

I was slightly dubious about this episode, the hype that preceeded it seemed focus on the fact that Lucy Lawless was in it, and not being a Xena fan, I didn't really care. Happily I thought the episode was brilliant.

Firstly a few comments about Lucy Lawless, (1) She's really tall! Standing next to Dee she looked like a giant. (2) She played the part excellently, with great presence.

What was great about this episode was all the things that made BSG great in the first season, a lack of melodrama, a focus on characters, tight script. It's the first real epsiode of Season Two (the others being Season One wrap up) and I think it shows. The intercut video footage added a nice gritty SF feel (although surely they'd have higher res cameras!?), inteviewing the characters allowed some out pouring of feelings without having to construct some contrived circumstances to show it off. And over all it was great.

Baltar gets demoted from his usual position of character-of-the-episode by D'Anna, although he was still brilliant and barmy.

And then the twist at the end, which I didn't expect, D'Anna is a cylon. Awesome. More of Ms Lawless can only be a good thing.


"...without having to construct some contrived circumstances to show it off."

I don't know. What really distanced me from this episode was the unbelievability of how much people allowed her to film without just walking away or showing major distrust of the camera shoved in their face. I mean, they did a little bit, but she was all over them in convenient moments of stark personal emotion. I'd be pissed off.

And what's up with the show writing off Martial Law as a bad judgment call that's really not that big of a deal?

Well I guess my feeling was that, in the interviews anyway, the crew were totally ready to let out their feelings. Therapy maybe.

As for the martial law being dismissed, well I thought that was fine. Adama is just doing what he thinks is best at the moment and not dwelling on the past. I assume that the fleet have not forgotten it however.

I got the same feeling from the actual interviews, but the 'occurrences' she ran into were offsetting. As for the martial law, I just want to see more outrage on screen, when all of the main characters are "over it", I feel like the writers are being all right-wingy political. ...I'm just picky. -But tonight's episode was pretty shiny!