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August 23, 2005

Serenity premiere reviews

Here's a few stories about the Serenity premiere.

(This one made me laugh)

I love Joss Wheedon's attitude...

"To be premiering here is exactly where I want to be," Whedon said. "Not just because I love it here, but because we do have fans who wouldn't expect to be the first people to see this. There's a lot of people in LA going, 'What?'"

And some reviews. Two from IOFilm one negative (saying that Blakes 7 did dystopia better) and one positive. One in the middle from The Movie Blog. And a positive spoiler filled one from Sci-Fi Heaven, which also has some very cool
video footage from the premiere (red carpets, stars and signings!).


I am trying to find out when and whrere the premiere of Serenity is in L.A? and if it is even possible to get tickets. Any one able to help?

It looks like the LA premiere is 22nd September more info on the official site message boards http://browncoats.serenitymovie.com/serenity/index.html?fuseaction=forum.viewtopic&t=18088