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August 19, 2005

Battlestar Galactica 205 - The Farm

Adama gets back to the job in hand whilst on Caprica the resistance gets busy.

My opinion : Could have been great but was spoiled by unnecessary exposition.

More (SPOILER!) details ahead...

So "the old man" (I hate how they call him that) gets back to the bridge and everyone sighs a big sigh of relief and mumbles about drunken old Tigh.

The president plays the religion card, says she's a saviour and disappears off to Kobol double quick speed with half the fleet. Hmmmm. As Adama said, let them go, who cares? But obviously they do seem to care.

The bulk of the story however was to do with Starbuck on Caprica. The whole plot of her captured in the hospital was nice but could have been superb bar for a few things. Firstly the whole love affair with Pyramid jock was just too quick and unbelievable. Secondly at the end of the episode Boomer explained the Farm thing in a nice easy exposition. Why did she do that? Why not leave a bit of mystery? All this tells me is that The Farm concept is something that we won't see again, a one episode wonder. That is except for some Starbuck clones that will be created from the product of her "mystery" scar.

Having said all that I did like the scenes in the hospital with the doctor. It was going very PKD.

In the end a decent episode spoiled by some slack plotting (or maybe it's just pandering to the non-SF crowd?)


My husband and I are extremely disappointed in the second season. Is there anyone out there who agrees?

The blogs I've seen so far seem to think it's great.

I wrote about BSG briefly here: Battlestar Galactica RIP

Sorry, I couldn't make the link work.

This is it: http://www.kitchentablemath.net/twiki/bin/view/Kitchen/BattlestarGalacticaRIP

I haven't been blown away by season 2. Perhaps it's because the initial shock of some good SF has worn off? Perhaps it's because until episode 207 we're really still in season 1, tying off the loose ends. Don't know. But you're not entirely alone!

Ya, the first season was really, really good, almost perfect. The tension and plotting were always spot on, it was up there with Twin Peaks. But like Twin peaks it seems to be having difficulty hitting its stride in its second season. We knew Adam would get back in the saddle so that storyline was doomed from the getgo. Tigh's dictatorship seems to have gone out with a whimper, not a bang and the Planetary "Red Dawn" storylines are a little thin and disconnected.

The acting is still superb and believeable but the second series cannot match the immediacy of the threat which made the first series so effective. Shows like "33" had you on the edge of the seat the whole way, "resistance" and "the farm" seem like filler in comparison. Still great, but I wish they'd get back in the damn spaceship and move on. What are they hanging around for? why arnt the Cylons all over them?