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July 12, 2005

SF Signal is two

Happy birthday to SF Signal who are two years old. It got me thinking that blogs are a funny old thing. You post random stuff, some people read it, you read other people's random stuff and somehow a sort of community evolves. I read a load of blogs but I feel a kinship most with the SF blogs, which is weird when you could think of them as rivals if you were in a non-bloggy frame of mind (which for me is never). My enthusiasm for blogging has often been cyclic, lots of ups and downs, but SF blogging has been more ups than downs for some reason. Blog about what you like is I think the lesson.

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Gosh. [sniffle.] I think I want to hug.

Rivals? Bah! BDO will always hold a special place in our hearts. Especially after your short (and unfinished!) dissertation way back when on The Conversation of Suck.