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June 18, 2005

Doctor Who - The Parting Of The Ways

Carrying on from last week (Bad Wolf) the Doctor is trying to rescue Rose from...the Daleks! BIG SPOILERS AHEAD!

Just like other cliffhangers in the series this one gets resolved all too quickly. Rose is captured on a Dalek spaceship, so the Doctor pilots the TARDIS there, uses a TARDIS force field (where did that come from?!) and escapes again. All too easy. But do you know what? I didn't especially care because I was just so excited to see lots of Daleks.

And then the big bad voice was the Dalek Emperor! I don't think we've ever seen the Dalek Emperor before but it was very cool. Big, with floating Dalek guard, and he had rebuilt the Dalek race out of dead humans after escaping the time war. Very cool. I loved the Doctor's realisation that the fact that the Daleks were still alive meant that the Time Lord's loss had been nothing. He was devastated. But then in true Doctor fashion he came right back at them, with something about what the Doctor was called in Dalek legend, he obviously made an impresssion. You really got the feeling that the Daleks feared the Doctor and the Doctor feared the Daleks.

Then it's war! Thousands of Daleks streaming out into space to attack the space station. It never occured to me that Daleks wouldn't need small spaceships or suits, they are the Daleks, they can fly in space. Awesome. And they head down to Earth and attack, and bomb and invade (but it's left to our imagination).

So the Doctor tries to rig up some deus ex machina delta wave nonsense, which would have been rubbish and Star-Treky if it were not for the fact that it would not only kill the Daleks but kill all humans to. So the Doctor has a dilemma. Another great character revealing moment, does the Doctor become an exterminator, or die but retain his principals. Nicely engineered story point.

Meanwhile Rose got sent home in the TARDIS. And struggles to get back to the Doctor in a reasonably pathetic fashion (a pickup truck?! Come on). Finally she looks into the heart of the TARDIS and gets back to the Doctor in the nick of time.

Now. Who is Bad Wolf? When Roy and I were talking about Bad Wolf the other day he suggested it was the Supreme Dalek whom we'd never seen before. Oh so close. Closer than my Master guess. Actually I did also mention that I thought it could be the Doctor himself which was closer (but I didn't blog it!). Because Bad Wolf was in fact....Rose!

Rose, channelling the TARDIS's time vortex. What?! Lots of what?! moments this episode, but the pace and style and sheer entertainment value means that I just don't care about the crazy plot moments. So Rose magics away the Daleks and spreads Bad Wolf throughout time as a message to herself, a message to not give up on the Doctor. Rose's speech about living an ordinary life I really enjoyed. Something like (paraphrasing) "I get up, got to work, come home and eat chips. Is that it?" I reckon that will ring true for a whole generation.

Oh yeah and Captain Jack gets killed and Rose brings him back. Oh and the Daleks wipe out an entire crowd of innocent people on the space station (they're very nasty those Daleks).

So after all that, which lets face it is a lot for one episode, that must be it right? Wrong. Because the Doctor sucks the time vortex out of Rose and starts dying. And you know what the Doctor dying means? Regeneration! So right there at the end of the episode he regenerates into David Tennant. Brilliant! I was clapping at my tv. And Mr. Tennant doesn't use his native Scottish accent, he uses his Casanova accent, which is fine with me.

In summary, a crazy, brilliant episode, full of plot holes and loopy explanations, with thousands of Daleks and a regeneration. Fan-tastic. A superb way to end the season.

The BBC website is full of stuff for the episode, as usual, and the Daleks are still going ballistic on the front page. EXTERMINATE!


You've totally missed the point!
The Bad Wolf was not Rose, but the Tardis itself - speaking through Rose.

And the force field was from the extrapolator they stole from the Slitheen lady =)

Ah, okay, I missed the force field reference (Need to watch it again now....)

Not sure I agree that Bad Wolf was the TARDIS though. I still think it was Rose using the TARDIS's power.

Hi, I love the new Doctor, well former doctor now, he was great, so fanTASTIC. I love 'im He is so great being the doctor and Billie Piper is so great too playing someone called Rose, thats a lovely name.
I am so upset that Christopher Eccleston has left it now, he was soooo fantastic (as he say's).
At least Billie Piper is still in it till it finishes again, but Thanx Christopher, it has been such a pleasure to have you in there as the timelord, you were so great. I wish you could of stayed in it in the next series, but I understand why you left. It would of been hard for you. You did well. Well done. you have my Thanx I can tell you that, FOR SURE.

I agree, Christopher Ecclestone was an inspire choice and did a fantastic job. Put great actors in the role is obviously the way forward. Fortunately I think that David Tennant fits that bill as well (he was brilliant in Cassanova) and I'm sure he'll be a great new Doctor.