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June 18, 2005

Doctor Who 2005, a review of the season

A triumphant return.

Often full of crazy plot holes, yet carrying itself with such style and at such a frantic pace that it never failed to entertain.

Both Christopher Eccelstone and Billie Piper were fantastic, and the writing was top notch. Well done Russel T Davies.

One other major point, it's family orientated Science Fiction, on prime time Saturday night, on the biggest TV channel in the UK (BBC1), and it won the ratings war.

How wonderful.


I'm glad it won the ratings war. No one picked it up here in the states so I've had to download it. Grrr. I grew up watching many of the previous Doctors and was both excited and worried when I first read that the BBC was bringing Doctor Who back. Now that the first season is over I can definitely say that it was wonderful. I hate to see Eccleston go, but maybe Tennant will be good too. Being in the states, I don't know anything about the cast. I had nothing to hold against Piper (as some seem to) for her music career. I had no previous experience with the cast in other shows. I liked 'em all. Even Noel whateverhisnameis (finally) did a decent job in the last episode.

One of the excuses I heard for the US stations not buying the show was that it was "too British" which seems to me like a vast underestimation of the US audience's intelligence.

Does BBC America broadcast these type of shows?