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June 17, 2005

Accelerando now available as free download

Accelerando, Charles Stross's latest book is now available for free download in a variety of formats. It's Creative Commons licensed and even has BitTorrent torrents for saving Charlie's bandwidth.

This is both excellent and a dilemma. Firstly the excellent bit, Accelerando is not released in the UK until August, and that's as a hardback, the paperback is scheduled for release June 2006! The dilemma is that I much prefer reading a book to a screen. So perhaps what I'll do is download it, print it out, read it and then buy the paperback when it comes out. What does anyone else think about this? Are you going to download it or buy it?

My reading list is now in disarray, with The Baroque Cycle and Jonathan Strange pushed back behind Revenge of the Sith and now this. As usual, so much reading, not enough time (but that's better than not having enough to read!).

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I'd say it's not bad, but it's not great either. The flashes of brilliance are there yes, but all too often are overshadowed. Nothing for example really lives up to the first half or so of Lobster (not even the second half of Lobster), and the ending of the book is... ok.