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May 26, 2005

Firefly Review Part 4 - You're on a desert island...

So a seemingly inevitable question. How does Firefly compare to New Battlestar Galactica? If I was stuck on a desert island with a solar powered DVD player which DVD's would I take, Firefly or New BSG?

Well I think that BSG is more SF, robots, spaceships, apocalypse, religion, all very traditional SF themes. I think that BSG is more immediate as a series. I also think that BSG has a stronger story arc from the start, they have a goal, you can see where it's going overall (or you think it's going).

Firefly on the other hand is more episodic. The plot themes are theft, smuggling, mercenaries etc. Western, cowboy themes. And it's a slow burner, it's just not as immediate. But all that misses the point. The great thing about Firefly is the characters.

I loved watching the new BSG series, couldn't wait to see the next plot twist or situation. But once I'd watched it I wanted the next one, not the last one. With Firefly I'd watch an episode and really want to see it again. Because Firefly is so much more than plot. It is about the characters, it is about making you feel things. And at the end of every Firefly episode I would be smiling. And then I'd get the urge to go outside and live a little bit, to turn off the TV and computer and actually do something.

I'd take Firefly.

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