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April 25, 2005

Star Wars Marathon tickets

The six film marathon on May 16th at the Empire Leicester square (including Revenge of the Sith 3 days before its worldwide release) sold out in 19 minutes.

I failed to get tickets :-(
I have redial RSI.

I spent 15 minutes listening to a BT message saying "the network is busy". Then I actually entered my credit card details but the transaction failed to confirm. The UCI website didn't even get close, I couldn't load the first page (and that was before 9am when the tickets went on sale). Don't you just hate these companies that can't scale their web sites?

I'm now sad.

Anyone accidently buy more than they needed and want to sell me two tickets?

UPDATE : Looks like some people got some tickets they didn't want.

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Might have one spare if interested - make offer!