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April 1, 2005

Revenge Of The Sith tickets

I forgot to mention amongst all the Doctor Who excitement that I bought my Revenge Of The Sith cinema tickets the other day. 9am showing, May 19th. There may be midnight showings (or not, seems a bt of a debate) but my friends and I have decided to go for the early morning showing, like we did for Attack of the Clones. That means we can get there, have a big fry up breakfast at the cafe opposite, see the film, have lunch, see it again maybe? Have dinner. See it again. (All depending on how much we like the film!)

Anyone else got any Revenge of the Sith plans?


Talking of ROTS, i have a private reg plate for sale SITH 1.

anyone interested please get in touch.

where did u get your tickets?

From Vue cinemas online http://www.myvue.com/