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April 21, 2005

Lost coming to Channel4

Ignoring the headline about Desperate Housewives (please), there is some news here about Lost on terrestrial UK TV.

"ABC has said that 'Lost', another of its shows that has been picked up by Channel 4, will also get a second run"

I haven't seen any of Lost yet, but it sounds intriguing, and that's just going on the conversations about whether it is SF or not, which probably means that it is and I'll like it.

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Lost starts off very strong, but weakens a bit in the middle. You have the advantage thought that Channel 4 will most likely show it straight through instead of the annoying gaps for repeats they have here in the UK.

Personally I don't feel its Sci-Fi in any significant way (or at least if it is its so subtle it doesn't matter), but don't let that put you off because its simply good writing and acting.