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April 16, 2005

Doctor Who - Aliens of London

The Doctor takes Rose home, just 12 hours after she left (he claims). But then an alien spaceship crash lands and things start getting exciting. Spoilers ahead.

Another episode by Russell T Davies and once again his humour is all over the place. The Doctor is very pleased that he returns Rose back just 12 hours after she left. Rose goes to see her mom. Her mom is very shocked to see her. It turns out the Doctor got it wrong, it's been 12 months. Very funny. But at the same time it brings into play a storyline that I don't ever recall being dealt with in Doctor Who before....what happens to the companions old life when they take off with The Doctor. Rose's mom has been distressed for a year, her botfriend has been going crazy. No one can understand why she hasn't called. Nicely dealt with. Yet Rose doesn't really contemplate staying at home, you can tell that she's addicted to travelling with the Doctor.

Then a spaceship crash lands, taking out Big Ben with it, and the Doctor is hyper-excited for the action, he really loves a bit of trouble.

Unfortunately they can't get near the crash site so the Doctor gets to watch the action with Rose's family and friends, on the TV. The Doctor is trying to watch the news whilst everyone else is treating it like a soap opera, talking about everyday things and the kid even switches over to watch Blue Peter (who are making a spaceship cake, funny (but you have to know Blue Peter)).

Another laugh out loud bit, the Doctor gets bored of watching on TV and sneaks off in the TARDIS to find out that the alien piloting the spaceship is a pig. And then it runs off down a coridoor and gets shot by the army. Bizarre and funny.

A great scene showing the piloting of the TARDIS this week, again very witty, the Doctor runs around the console flicking switches, winding stuff up and then hits it with a mallett! All whilst the camera is at a tilt, giving the impression that flying the TARDIS is a tricky art.

The scare factor comes this week from aliens unzipping their human suits and bursting out in alien CGI menance. Will there be any complaints this week? Probably not, it wasn't as scary as the zombies.

It was also pretty cool when the Doctor and Rose get surrounded by the army and taken away to Downing Street. He's laughing and enjoying it like a nutter and Rose is just thinking "what is going on?". Then he tells Rose that he has been to Downing Street a lot over his lifetime. With an election here (the real world) in a month the question of who was Prime Minister was neatly avoided...
"Who's Prime Minister now," said the Doctor.
"How should I know?" said Rose. "I've been away 12 months."

And so they end up in 10 Downing Street with the stand-in Prime Minister, some UNIT people (just for old times sake) and of course some aliens.

Then it ends! Yes, it's a two parter.

As usual the BBC Doctor Who website has some pictures and new video clips about the episode.

I really enjoyed the episode all the way through, and then at the end I suddenly thought, "oh that wasn't as good as last week", not sure why, can't put my finger on it. Perhaps I'll change my mind after the next episode when I get to see the whole story?

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Have you lost the plot ?

You must have if you don't know what 'Aliens in London' is all about.