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March 21, 2005

More Doctor Who trailers on BBC

The BBC are showing a few more Doctor Who trailers which aren't up on the website yet. They're both very cool, one by the Doctor and one by Rose. Rose talking about leaving her life to go on adventures with the Doctor. The Doctor talking about joining him on a life of dangerous adventure. Both witty and yet moving. Cool.


I love Christopher Eccleston and I used to be a fan of dragons but now my fave is brilliant Doctor Who even though I'm only twelve. Doctor Who is the best! I have no idea what this comment box is for but my friend thinks I have to comment about posters. I have decided, after much thought, that that is not what this box is for and have written about Doctor Who which - have I mentioned - is the most superb thing in the entire universe! I believe I am a Timelord and anyone who disagrees will get a fist in their face, unless, of course, I don't know you or have never met you or seen you at all in my entire life, which is approximately 900 years. I'm rabling on a bit. By the way I like the way you have put clearly at the top of the page in big letters 'big dumb object'. Bye bye!

It's me again. I mis-spelt rambling. Apologies. It's spelt, in the paragraph, 'rabling'. I am so ever so sorry. I feel like I have disrespected that of Doctor Who. SHOOT ME NOW!