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March 15, 2005

Ender's Game

I finished reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card(UK/US) yesterday. It was okay. I mean, I enjoyed it but it was nothing special and felt a bit dated. More boys-own-adventure than science fiction. Oh and that last chapter was terrible! It felt like such a bolt on, was that just to kick off the next book in the trilogy?

If you want Science Fiction with games I'd recommend the superb Player Of Games by Iain M Banks (UK/US) instead.


enders game was written for a different genre. orson scott card always leaves 'em hanging. it's not really a star wars type book. more of a science fiction horror type thing. he and stephen king could be pals. read them all and then you'll have a better perspective. as far as being dated it was written a good while ago, so use your imagination, ok? but, as my mother used to say, at least your reading. keep up the good work.

Of course I appreciate the fact that I haven't read the rest of the trilogy. I guess I felt that it would have been a perfectly fine book without that last chapter, it really jarred on me.

As for the outdated comment, I know I know, and yes I say the same about people like Asimov etc. (Although PKD never feels dated to me).