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March 2, 2005

Doctor Who update

Checking up on the new Doctor Who series I see that they have released the new logo above, which is for the companion Doctor Who Confidential BBC Three series. I really like how the BBC do these kind of extra, behind the scenes type shows, at the moment they are mainly for reality shows (oh and Eastenders), so doing one for a new drama production is an interesting step.

There still doesn't seem to be an official air date, the web site says "Sometime in 2005". But the good news is that the season is 13 x 45 minutes episodes. Which is very nice because that's 45 minutes with no commercials. I'm sure the old Doctor Who used to be half an hour, which never seemed to be long enough.


While its still not officially confirmed all the speculation is for a UK air date of March 26th. Canadians should get to see the show starting April 5th.

Unfortunately those of us in the US don't have an air date (or even a channel) yet.

As far as program lengths go. The traditional length of a Doctor Who episode was approximately 25 minutes. Which was short back when they started doing that. Though there was one Colin Bake season with 45 minute episodes.

Okay, I'm repressing my inner Doctor Who Geek again.


I thought the air date was soon, which was why I was surprised to not see anything on the web site. 26th March, wow that's a few weeks, cool. I guess you might have to search for episodes on bittorrent sites then?!

Now you mention the longer Colin Baker episodes it rings a bell. Although my memory is blurry and everything is overshadowed by my first (and terrifying) Doctor, Tom Baker (of course).