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March 28, 2005


[Via Locus]

Gwyneth Jones has won the Philip K. Dick Award for her novel Life. Here's a few thoughts about the book from Gywneth's (wonderfully poetic) blog.

Ian McDonald has won the BSFA award for best novel for his magnificent River of Gods.

And *all* of the Hugo Nominations for best novel are for British writers! (Although Ian McDonald moved to Northern Ireland when he was young so maybe saying UK writers might be more exact).

• The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks (Orbit)
• Iron Council by China Miéville (Del Rey; Macmillan)
• Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross (Ace)
• Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke (Bloomsbury)
• River of Gods by Ian McDonald (Simon & Schuster)

I can see the headlines now... "British domination of Hugo awards"


Don't the Northern Irish count as British? I had an idea that was part of what all the fuss has been about for the last few centuries....

I think officially Britain is England, Scotland and Wales. Then Britain plus Northern Ireland is the United Kingdom. Which is all very confusing and seems slightly archaic! Bring on the post singularity negation of nation states ;-)