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February 23, 2005

What's the best spoiler policy?

Everyone is linking to this an immense SPOILERTASTIC picture story version of Revenge Of The Sith. However I have resisted the pull of the dark side. I am only letting myself read/watch spoilers released from the official site.

It's a fine line the spoiler thing. For The Phantom Menace I avoided all spoilers and then flew to New York to see the film two months earlier than in the UK. For Attack Of The Clones I gorged myself on spoilers. However I felt that too many spoilers took the initial wonder off AOTC, whereas TPM felt amazing. So for ROTS I'm treading the fine line between feeding my excitement and leaving some mystery about the film.

What about everyone else? What's your Revenge Of The Sith spoiler policy? In general do you search out spoilers for films/tv or not?

(It's funny how the concept of spoilers doesn't really seem to be a big thing for books).

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I have a strict no-spoiler policy going. I read the TESB novelization before seeing the movie (hey, gimmie a break, I was twelve), and had a classmate spoil Jedi's big secrets before the movie came out (newspaper article), and both first viewings were screwed up as a result; fun, but nothing like the magic of seeing the first movie cold, with no idea what the story was going in.

I went viciously no-spoilers on both the preceeding prequels, and I have no regrets (I didn't know Qui-Gon and Darth Maul were both going to bite it, for example--great moments in a less-than-great movie). This time around, I'm being even more closed-minded. Just the trailers and the posters, nothing else. I'm not even going to read this comments thread after posting!

Of course, after the midnight opener, the binging shall begin...

Wow, that must be pretty tricky, especially online.

For the first Star Wars I didn't know anything, I was 4, it fairly obviously blew me away. TESB I don't remember much about but I did see it at the cinema. ROTJ was a bit different because I was religiously reading the (Marvel) Star Wars comic, although I seem to remember a lot of speculation but no spoilers. I'm pretty sure that I had no idea that Darth Vader really was Luke's father until I saw ROTJ.