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January 24, 2005

Battlestar Galactica series 1 finale tonight

On Sky One.

I'm excited and also a little upset, because it's the end of the series.


End of the series? or end of the season?
I know the UK is way ahead of us Yanks with
airing dates (we just got episode 3 on friday).
But it can't be over, tell me this is a
brittish/american translation issue. If BG
were to end in one season I would have to curl
into a very little ball.

Yes, I meant season!

It sounds like a second season is a certainty. Hurrah!

Really hope the series didn't finished with tonight episode (just finished in SKY One). Amazing episode with an amazing end but it leave you asking for 2nd series ASAP.

I'm not sure BG has been picked up for a second series yet. However, if the ratings for the third episode are as rumored (3.4 rating) and they stay around the 2.5+ range, I'd say its a certainty it gets picked up. And, thanks to the magic of bittorrent, I will be able to feed the BG need by downloading the last episode as soon as some kind soul encodes it. Yee haw!

And I am doing my part ratings wise (not that I'm a Nielsen family) but I have my cable box set to record BG every Friday night...

What will be interesting in the UK is which terrestrial channel will buy BG (if they haven't already?). Seems like a prime candidate for Channel 4, who buy a lot of US tv shows. Then once bought, will they give it the respect it deserved and a decent time slot?