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November 26, 2004

A review of The Incredibles

I went to see The Incredibles last week but totally forgot to blog about it. So I'm doing it now.

Short review I loved it. It felt more James Bond than SF.

Long review (some spoilers)

First of all I have to comment on the music. In the trailers Pixar had used On Her Majesty's Secret Service, I think it was the Moby remix of the classic James Bond theme. Throughout the music continued to remind me of James Bond, atmospheric, charged, cool. In fact the film itself reminded me of Bond, sort of Bond crossed with Marvel.

The film started with a nice bit of action to get us into the story and hook the kids. However it then settled down into a lovely story of a frustrated office working super hero with family responsibilities. Of course I totally empathised with that (except for the being a superhero part) and it made me laugh a lot. But it was a bit lost on the kids who got fidgety.

The second half of the film built up to some nice action stuff. There were plenty more Bond references, the whole mad genius lair riff. And intertwined with all the action was a nice story about a family becoming more of a family. I loved the moment when the kids first saw their parents use their super powers.

The ending tied things up nicely and left me satisfied. I'm not entirely sure if it was what the kids expected but they will probably remember the action over the engaging character based storyline.