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October 4, 2004

John Meaney's Weblog

Just discovered John Meaney's Weblog, which is nice. However it did try to open some pop-up windows and had adverts. Fortunately I use Firefox (you should too). Anyway he has an ATOM feed here for pure, style it as you want text-ness.


I've never read anything by Meaney. The books look interesting. Have you read them James?


Well err...not exactly. I have "To Hold Infifity" and I've read the prologue and it was great. Not sure how to describe it, it kind of had that cyberpunk language sensibility, very cool.

Then for some reason I put it on my "to read" pile (I think I was reading my birthday books first!) and I haven't caught up with it. All the reviews are great. I'll definitely read it next.