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October 29, 2004

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio show

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Hitchhiker gets 1m web listeners

Big traffic despite needing the evil Real PLayer.

Teaser poster for Revenge of the Sith

Oh yes.

October 28, 2004


Reading this about a new film called Ultraviolet made me wonder if it has anything to do with the TV series of the same name. I don't think so, which is a shame. Ultraviolet was a great show, a modern vampire mythology, but with the same sort of style as Spooks and Hustle. That's what me need more of, modern, stylish SF.

October 26, 2004

Dr. Who clips

The BBC has a selection of Doctor Who clips, from the first to the eigth doctor. Get warmed up for the imminent ninth Doctor..

2000AD comics online at the BBC

Drokk! Why haven't I seen this before? BBC Cult presents: 2000AD and British Comics. Including online Judge Dredd strips and audio comics including the mighty talent that is Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha. (The only downside is that you need Real player but it must be worth it for that?)

An interview with James Callis, the new Gaius Balthar from Battlestar Galactica

Despite not being able to watch it myself (see my comment on SFSignal) the new series of Battlestar Galactica is airing on Sky One. The BBC have an interview with James Callis, the new Gaius Balthar.

So why couldn't the BBC have bought the series with my license fee money?

October 25, 2004

Star Wars Infinities

I went into my local library this weekend and two new graphic novels were on the shelf, facing out, screaming READ ME! They were Star Wars Infinities : Return of the Jedi and The Amazing Spiderman : The Life and Death of Spiders.

Continue reading Star Wars Infinities.

Cleaning up the Star Wars DVD's

A match made in heaven, Star Wars and Macs...

Macs do Star Wars dirty work. The brains of the facility are 600 Apple G5s, each a dual processor 2GHz machine.

Here's the servers...

Looks a bit like a Death Star corridor.

October 22, 2004

What I'm reading

On holiday I started reading The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson, which was fine for holiday as I had some time to read each night. Now back at home I have less time and the slow pace of Rice and Salt is boring me. I'm sad about that. I love KSR's books, Pacific Edge is my favourite. But I needed something to grab me, force me to read. I decided to read Zodiac by Neal Stephenson, which my mate John had lent a few months ago. This decision was influenced by the incredibly brilliant interview that he gave with Slashdot, it just made me want to read more of his stuff. So I'm a few chapters in and Zodiac is already great. Good move by me.

October 21, 2004

Neal Stephenson interview on Slashdot

One of my favourite authors, Neal Stephenson has an interview up on Slashdot. [Via BoingBoing]

William Gibson is cool

Reagan's presidency put the grit in my dystopia. His presidency was the fresh kitty litter I spread for utterly crucial traction on the icey driveway of uncharted futurity. His smile was the nightmare in my back pocket.
William Gibson

Hyperspace members get first view of Revenge Of The Sith trailer

What did I tell you? Episode III Teaser Trailer Preview for Hyperspace Members

November 4th for Hyperspace members, November 8th for the rest of us. Unless it happens to leak out onto a torrent somewhere....(please)

October 20, 2004

The Empire Strikes Back DVD changes

Here's the second part of the super detailed analysis of Star Wars DVD changes. DVDAnswers.com - Star Wars: The Changes - Part Two
[Via Slashdot]

More Last Starfighter The Musical! details

From BoingBoing, Review of "The Last Starfighter: The Musical" and details of the show.

This made me laugh from the review....
While waiting for the doors to open, I struck up a conversation with another attendee. We discussed where we had come from to see it. I was proud I'd just driven 150 miles to attend. He had flown in from Denver. For the day. To see this musical. Sometimes, we think we have achieved the pinnacle, and then, slowly, we glance upward and see we have even farther to climb.

Revenge Of The Sith teaser trailer

TheForce.Net reports that the Star Wars Episode 3 teaser trailer (Revenge of the Sith) will be attached to The Incredibles. The downside? The UK release of The Incredibles is 3rd December 2004.

So I guess I'll be watching it on the net days after all those Hyperspace users?

October 19, 2004

Ian McDiarmid on Spooks

Ian "The Emperor" McDiarmid was on Spooks last night, and very good he was as well as Nobel Prize Winning MI5 sleeper agent activated after 24 years. Spooks was, as always, magnificent. Spy not SF but so good it deserves a mention here (well I did get a tenuous Star Wars link in!).

New Star Wars web documentary

October 18, 2004

The Last Starfighter, the musical

World Premiere of 'Last Starfighter' Musical Opens Storm Theatre's Off-Bway Season

I loved The Last Starfighter. I always wished I could get really good at an arcade game and get picked up by aliens. And the CGI was, for the time, revolutionary.

October 15, 2004

Star Wars DVD Changes

A pretty comprehensive list of changes on the new Star Wars DVD.
[Via Slashdot]

October 14, 2004

Flickr photos tagged Science Fiction

Flickr's tags are very cool. Here are some photos tagged with sciencefiction.


Would a Star Destroyer beat the Enterprise in a fight? Care? Read ST-v-SW [Via Sci-Fi Ranter Girl]

Charles Stross on the speed of writing

Charles Stross gives a fascinating insight into the speed of writing novels. I love hearing about how authors work, it's stuff you never really think about when reading a novel.

October 12, 2004

Ask Neal Stephenson

Slashdot is running a feature where you can ask Neal Stephenson a question.

Actor Christopher Reeve dies

As reported everywhere. The BBC has a nice article including a Life and career in pictures.

October 11, 2004

Details of Revenge of the Sith trailer

Here. I shall resist and enjoy the surprise [Via SFSignal]

Gwyneth Jones has a blog

Another blog to add to the author list, Gwyneth Jones [Via More Notes from Coode Street]

I must read more of her books, I read Bold As Love and thought it was okay but it didn't set my world alight, too much Fantasy and not enough SF for me.

October 7, 2004

MIT Science Fiction Society

I momentarily got excited about MITSFS until I discovered that you actually had to go there and there wasn't interweb access to all that science fiction. So anyway, if you're in Cambridge USA check it out and tell me what it's like.

October 6, 2004

A review of Interzone #194

October 4, 2004

John Meaney's Weblog

Just discovered John Meaney's Weblog, which is nice. However it did try to open some pop-up windows and had adverts. Fortunately I use Firefox (you should too). Anyway he has an ATOM feed here for pure, style it as you want text-ness.

Iain M Banks signing at Forbidden Planet London today

Very soon. If you're in London get started now. Unfortunately I'm not. It's from 1 - 2pm, store address here.

Interzone message board

There has been a debate about whether the new look Interzone should have a letters page or whether TTA's Interzone message board is enough. Personally I think that a hand picked selection of interesting letters is a good idea and the message board would complement this nicely. The message board BTW is worth reading, a few posts a day, some good threads, great interaction with Andy Cox and the new IZ crew.

And while we're on the topic of Interzone... I've read all but two of the stories now and all the non-fiction and I'm really enjoying it. It will be interesting to see if over the next few issues a style of IZ stories develops. The first issue feels pretty fresh.

October 1, 2004

More on the Star Wars TV show

Apparently George Lucas has confirmed that he will do a Star Wars TV series. [Via IESB, via Will]. The best news is that Kevin Smith is strongly linked to it, which would be very cool. George Lucas is obviously aware of Kevin Smith, on the Attack Of The Clones DVD commentary GL talks about the concern expressed in Clerks that lots of contractors were killed when the first Death Star was destroyed. (GL says it was ok since the builders were revealed to be the Geneosians (who are evillll).)