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July 20, 2004

Happy Birthday to SFSignal

Happy (Belated) Anniversary, SF Signal!. SFSignal is one. Well done guys. No sign of blog burnout yet. It's interesting reading a group blog because you form mental images of each person and their personalities, plus it adds a nice random freshness as well.


Thanks, James. If it helps with your mental image, I look like a cross between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. :)

When John says Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, he means the bad parts.

Thanks for actually reading or stuff James, its good to know others have the same interests and that we're not just talking to ourselves!

I would have to agree with JP about John's looks - although when you say cross I would have to say more like a smooshing of some components in the improper locations. An slap some hair on top and you got John - but that boy certainly is a prolific reader and thats why we love him so. In a very distant, non-touching sort of way....

OK, at the risk of bringing our own special flavor of harrassment to BDO, how's this: If there were a movie about SF Signal, I will admit that the part of John can be played by Max Casella (Doogie Howser's friend Vinnie Delpino - see http://dominiclucero.8m.com/casella.html if you guys will admit that JP would be played by Ryan Stiles (http://www.wvah.com/programs/drew/ryanstiles.jpg and Tim would be played by Bruce Willis (http://adorocinema.cidadeinternet.com.br/personalidades/atores/bruce-willis/bruce-willis01.jpg.

And now everything is so much clearer!

By the way there's nothing wrong with talking to yourself, I've been doing it for ages.

OMG!!! That is so scary John - correct - but darned scary...