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June 2, 2004


I continue to be impressed by John over at SFSignal. Not only is he reading loads of science fiction this year but he also creates impressive stats of what he has read. Oh to have the time (or the ability to make the time). In a crazy attempt to read more books with spaceships in them last week I got Spaceman PiggyWiggy out of the library for my son. He liked it but it didn't really stretch me with its ideas. For example PiggyWiggy acknowledged that things would float in space and that it would be hard to eat but then he didn't really expand on the other plusses and minuses of zero gravity. Shame it could have been wonderful Sci-Fi.


Thanks for noticing. Actually, if I may say, the time I take to read is down-time I would have otherwise spent doing nothing else (or something meaningless like channel surfing). It never interferes with normal family/work life. A short story takes between 15-30 minutes to read – that’s 7 – 15 hours a month whittling away at my dauntingly huge to-read pile (and by “pile”, I mean boxes and boxes of biblioholic goodness). And it still leaves some time to read some novel-length stuff. In the process, I’m finding some really good fiction. The documenting of it is done as I go, so the HTML burden is relatively painless. Yes, I am reading more than I did last year, but it is time converted – turning do-nothing time into something I enjoy.

Well I'm still impressed!