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May 12, 2004

The Chronicles Of Riddick

The new trailer is up and available in gorgeous full screen. It's looking all nice and SFX and action stuff, hope there's a story. I actually really liked Pitch Black (to which this is a sequel), although the ending was rubbish, the low key, low budget washed out look was very cool.


You sure it is a sequel? I was under the impression it was a prequel.

Odd - I just entered a comment and it didn't show up.

Anyway, are you sure this is a sequel? I thought it was a prequel.

Everything I've read suggests it's a sequel (including IMDB and the official site). However it's somewhat confused as it was talked about as being a trilogy with Pitch Black being the prequel. Er... Sounds like they're making it up. Anyway, if anyone gets to see it before me (likely as I'm in the UK) let me know!